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>Eclairs y profiteroles

Start Date Apr 17

Eclairs y profiteroles

In this class you will learn how to prepare eclairs filled with a soft pastry cream with creative glaze and chocolate coatings, crispy profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream and Chantilly cream swans. If you enjoy eating these French pastry classics and want to learn the secrets to making a perfect pâte choux...come to our 3-hour class where our pastry chef will guide you through each step so that you can make your own production and give it personal touches. You cannot miss it

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>Naked Cakes

Start Date Apr 22

Naked Cakes

Are you passionate about baking and decorating cakes? You cannot miss this opportunity to learn this technique that is very fashionable and that will give you new ideas and tools to dazzle your family, friends or clients. Learn to prepare the cake '' from scratch '', to make fillings and buttercream and finally to use flowers, fruits and everything your imagination allows you to make a beautiful Naked Caked

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>Pasta and their sauces

Start Date Apr 24

Pasta and their sauces

If you are looking to add more flavor and color to your meals, you can not miss this class. We will be preparing homemade pasta, we will add color with natural ingredients and we will finish our dishes with delicious sauces such as basil pomodoro, Genoese pesto and carbonara.

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>Ceviche & Tiraditos

Start Date Apr 29

Ceviche & Tiraditos

Come and learn the delicate balance of Peruvian cuisine by creating varieties of ceviche and tiraditos. Discover the perfect combination of fish and shellfish season with a spicy touch of rocoto, crispy corn and the tasty '' milk of tiger ''. In this class you will learn to prepare classic ceviches and tiraditos with prawns, croaker and octopus to then unleash your imagination.

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Start Date May 01


These tasty and crispy sweet egg white foam has a reputation for difficulty. But in just 3 hours our chef will show you a few simple instructions that just won’t fail. You’ll be making the famous and delicious pavlova. You’ll master a technique that will amaze everybody with your baking.

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>Wok Techniques

Start Date May 01

Wok Techniques

Turn on the stove, heat the Wok to the maximum and fry your way to a delicious and enriching taste! If you have always wondered how to cook with this mysterious Chinese cooking vessel, register for this 3-hour class where you will learn a technique that is simple, delicious and easy to adapt to a wide variety of ingredients that are part of many dishes and recipes . We will add flavor and spice to this class where we will prepare different recipes with chicken, meat, pork and vegetarian versions.

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>Tapas & Wine

Start Date May 03

Tapas & Wine

Join us and learn how to make delicious Spanish tapas that are ideal for any ger together with friends and family. In just 3 hours you will make that traditional serrano ham croqueta, cod croquetas, chistorras in wine, shrimp "al Ajillo", mussels gratin and of course the famous Spanish tortilla. All of this accompanied with delicious Spanish wines from different regions.

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>The Art of Sushi

Start Date May 07

The Art of Sushi

In this class you will learn the techniques to prepare sushi rolls the different ingredients that you can use to satisfy your creativity, Surprise your friends and family with these new techniques to enjoy a fun night eating sushi.

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>Pizza & Empanadas

Start Date May 13

Pizza & Empanadas

Discover the secrets to prepare a perfect pizza, make a homemade sauce and add your favorite toppings. You cannot miss some crispy empanadas of meat, chicken and gourmet Gruyere cheese and plums. If you enjoy eating pizzas and empanadas, you cannot miss this class where our chef will teach you how to prepare them in a simple and delicious way.

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>Delicious Alfajores

Start Date May 13

Delicious Alfajores

Do you enjoy eating alfajores and would you like to learn how to prepare them? These delicious combinations are ideal to enjoy with your family or as desserts in special events. In a single class you will learn how to make three classics alfajores that are everyone's favorite: chocolate alfajor filled with dulce de leche, the traditional cornstarch alfajor and finally a walnut alfajor with fruit jam that will surprise you!

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>Delicious Risottos

Start Date May 15

Delicious Risottos

Discover the secrets to prepare the perfect risotto, from the choice of rice, the appropriate cooking time, the formula to obtain that creamy consistency that delights us all. We will be making the classic Milanese risotto, a black squid ink risotto and original versions of pears and gorgonzola or truffles and mushrooms. Do not miss out on this tasty class!

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